Sequence touches the Clouds, gets Steam-y on October 20th


Oh, how I’ve been waiting to throw this little bit of fire.  3rd place winner of the Dream.Build.Play contest and my favorite bit of Disorganized Fun this year: Sequence is hitting Steam!  No longer are X-Box 360 owners the only ones capable of dancing like idiots to grind out experience points and loot drops while climbing a mysterious tower of…mystery.  Or doom.  PC users will have their chance October 20th, with the added benefit of achievements.

Not only that: for the incredibly dedicated player who’s step-stepping up a storm but suddenly has to leave on business, Iridium has your back.  With cloud saves as an option, now you can pick up your laptop and get Derty to the energetic beats of Ronald Jenkees anywhere.

The basic information, including pricing, is provided on their blog – snipped here:

Took us long enough, didn’t it? = D

Sequence is officially coming to Steam on October 20th, for only $4.99! Included are Steam achievements and Steam cloud saves, because we’re awesome. And you’re awesome! Everyone’s awesome.

Even at $5, it’s riding well under the $15 mark I gave the game back in June.  They also made an announcement on the youtubes, which says…pretty much the same thing, but in Jason Wishnov’s sexy, snark-tastic voice.  Take a look:

So, how did you guys feel about Iridium’s Rhythm/RPG hybrid?   Planning on picking it up when it hits Steam?


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  • Dcon6393

    The only thing I dislike about all of these games going to Steam is that I don’t have a credit card to attach to a Steam account, or else I would rebuy games like this, Blocks That Matter, etc. Also that is probably a good thing for my wallet as well… either way, it is great to see such a highly unnoticed game on XBLIG make the move to Steam. Congrats Iridium Studios, keep up the good work.